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Groupware in the wild: Lessons learned from a year of virtual collocation
Technical Report Number: CREW-96-03
Authors: Judy Olson, Stephanie Teasley

Current research on CSC W for remote groups focuses on one technology at a time: shared editing on the desktop, video conferencing, glancing at others’ offices, email, etc. When a real group sets out to work remotely, however, they need to consider all aspects of work, synchronous, asynchronous, and the transitions to and from. This paper explores the planning, implementation, and use of a suite of groupware tools over the course of a year in a real group with remote members. We found that groupware affected people’s commitments and the nature of the work distribution.
Keywords: Lotus Notes, Shared-X, Analysis of work, Groupware, Remote work, Video on the desktop
Full Text: The ACM Digital Library
Publication: Proceedings of CSCW 1996 (pp. 419-427). New York: ACM Press
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