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Cooperative, Immersive, Just-in-Time Learning
Cooperative, Immersive, Just-in-Time Learning
Lisa Covi, Judy Olson
Art Herold, Elena Rocco
CREW Corporate and Foundation Sponsors
CREW investigators have made a five-week case study of space use among a group of COBOL programmers learning object-oriented programming methods. The primary questions is:
  • How does the configuration of the space and various technologies come into play in their learning a new method for developing software?

The CREW investigators in this study have focused on two distinct areas. The first is the fit of the space and of various technologies to the tasks at hand -- extraction of use cases, developing objects, designing an overall architecture, etc. Based on their findings, CREW researchers have recommended technology for use in future sessions.

The second area is the use of apprentice learning as a means for technology transfer. Companies tend to transfer new technology by hiring new graduates. In this case study, a company has brought in a new technology by having its people deeply trained in a new method, one which involves customization to the company. The trainees build a prototype piece of software useful to the company. This method not only motivates the trainees but convinced the company that the technology is relevant to them.

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